Apr. 5th, 2017 05:11 pm
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Like many of you, I am not entirely happy about LJ's new ToS, though I'm not sure they're objectively any worse than the ToS of, say, Facebook. I mean, yes, there's the "subject to Russian law" thing, but I am not in Russia, and I suspect that I have at least as much to worry about with my online content being subject to US law under the current regime, because my country is a lot more likely to co-operate with the US government. Realistically, I suspect the biggest worry is that LJ will delete stuff without warning, so, while I'm not going to delete my account and haven't completely made up my mind to stop crossposting, I am going to disable comments on posts from now on, so there won't be any LJ-only content that I might lose. If you're reading on LJ, you should be able to log in and comment on the DW versions of posts using your LJ account as an OpenID, or you can sign up for a DW account and use that to comment. (If you have a DW account and I haven't given you access there please comment on the DW version of this post and let me know who you are on LJ if it's not obvious.)

You can also find me on Facebook under my passport name, sporadically on Instagram as @sadie_whitehart and increasingly infrequently on Twitter as @white_hart.


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