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Because I appear to have the lurgy I am spending Friday night on the sofa and have just discovered Remembrance of the Daleks on the Horror Channel.

I had forgotten (a) that the Doctor is mistaken for an applicant for the post of caretaker at Coal Hill School and (b) the headteacher is played by Mr Bronson from Grange Hill.

ETA: Oh, the Stairs Moment!
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Whoverse; spoilers for all of S2 of Torchwood and everything up to 'The Stolen Earth'. Short and complete. Gen. None of these characters belong to me.

Martha Jones sees dead people. )
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Blame [livejournal.com profile] fba for the plot bunny. 180 words, Whoniverse, set during 'Turn Left'. All characters are the property of the BBC, and no profit is being made from this work. Spoilers for 'Turn Left'; warning for angst.

Last Call )
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We were commenting yesterday that there's something TARDIS-like about Oxford college gardens; they always seem to be far bigger than you would expect. Which made me wonder about garden parties on Gallifrey, although in the end this ficlet turned out to be rather closer to home.

250 words, gen. The Doctor is reminiscing; Donna is more interested in the strawberries. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC; Encaenia belongs to the University of Oxford.


Encaenia )
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Because I seem to like taking my titles from Billy Bragg lyrics...

Doctor Who, minor spoilers to 'The Sound of Drums', same-sex theme but no actual smut. All characters belong to the BBC; no copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from this.

The Meaning of Unrequited )


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